75 M2 Industrial

Industrial Mezzanine Floors - Dublin

Project Info:

mezzaninefloor.ie 's client is a leading printing company.

As a result of business growth, mezzaninefloor.ie were contracted to design, supply and install an extension mezzanine floor, to an existing floor. The new mezzanine floor with access stairs and pallet gate was designed to provide additional storage and production space. As a result of the machinery being placed on the floor the capacity of the floor was designed to handle 10kN/ sq.metre.

  • Application: Industrial
  • Location: Dublin
  • Size: 75 Square Metres
  • Height: 3400mm Finshed floor level
  • Grid: As specified by customer
  • Loads: 9.8 kN/Sq metre
  • Accessories: 1 no. Stairs
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